Monday, January 9, 2017

Comfortable Humility, Big and Tall Tees

I'm a big guy. I always have been. I always will be. In fact, the last time I got small (in the 230s) friends said I looked unwell. There were some other circumstances, but it was an unnatural look for me for sure.

I've gained a few pounds coming off the holidays and a year of focusing on kids and work. I work hard on taking this as a fact of life. I'll find some motivation and slim down a bit again.

One thing that drives me nuts on account of my Buddha belly and a long torso is not having a shirt, or at least an undershirt that stays tucked in. My current collection was totally thread-bare and unacceptable as clothing. I had to do some shopping and Most of the mainstream stores, I believe, are doing themselves a great dis-service by not stocking more tall undershirts.  Here are some findings for XXLT white v-neck tee shirts:

  • Duluth Trading Company: $25/shirt, uber comfortable, but a little spendy. At stores
  • Wal-Mart: NOT AVAILABLE (again, WTF)
  • Casual Male: Available, $33 for a 3 pack, i.e. $11/shirt, free shipping. At Stores
  • Men's Warehouse: NOT AVAILABLE (dude, you're killing me)
  • Sears: $29.99 for three pack of Hanes, on-sale for $25 at the writing plus an additional 10% off for orders over $50. Online only, pick up in store
  • Kohls: 3 for $29.00, buy one get the second 1/2 price at the time of writing. Online only.
  • Amazon: $25.30 for the same Hanes 3 pack

So there are some options. I'm disappointed in my hometown company (Target), but they've pulled no punches about alienating bigger folks in the past.

I had some Sears points to burn, plus the extra savings on buying a second pack and relatively short wait time for store pick up, so I went that route this time.

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