Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Junk Salad

I'm off of work this week. The lack of structure sometimes throws my diet off kilter. Particularly if I haven't done my due diligence and stocked up on fresh fruits and veggies.  This Time around I fortunately had a lot of stuff to pick from, but wasn't feeling one thing in particular. I also have to admit I like to explore different tastes etc. This has led me down such experimental pathways as attempting a peanut butter and feta sandwich and modifying several cookie and banana bread recipes. Part of having my dad card is also attempting from scratch macaroni and cheese.

This time I opted for what I consider a Junk salad. I started lunch a little later than the kids. I made them a cutting board full of summer sausage, apples, cheese, crackers, grapes, lettuce, etc.  I was also out of my standard balsamic vinaigrette dressing. So I just threw a lot of their extras into a bowl, tossed in a little bleu cheese dressing (we can't always be perfect in our diets), added a some tomatoes and some ripe avocado and voila! A salad...of sorts. I have to admit the tartness of the bleu cheese conflicted a little with the apple and banana, but I wasn't totally disappointed. At the end of the day I think I was still better off with this and a large glass of water than nachos and cheese or a couple microwaved hot dogs.

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