Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Weightlifting Belt?

The style of my personal belt. Comfortable and
keeps my back un-tweaked.
I've been doing a more rigorous leg workout recently. This has included some pretty heavy sets of squats, 335lbs x 5 reps on my workout yesterday and deadlifts (250lbs). For the first time in years I've felt the need to wear a lifting belt.

The gym is a bit different of a place nowadays than it was in, what I'll call, my athletic prime (college/HS). The main difference for the purposes of this article is there used to be an abundance of lifting belts; usually on some dedicated rack.

My gym today has two belts. Both fit me which is fortunate since my personal belt is currently misplaced. They are hidden on a shelf with miscellaneous other odd and ends and antiquities of the gym: wrist rollers, warped clips and some 1" inner diameter plates. Still I felt the need to save my back so I wear the belt, but I also began wondering if there was an official position on belt use. I dredged-up the following article which seems to have a propose a good stance essentially saying: use in moderation.


It's been feeling good to lift heavy for the moment, but I'm also mulling if there's such a thing as enough lifting. I guess that's part of the reason I have this blog, to get a better understanding of myself and develop habits, etc. that ca benefit me through the remaining 2/3rds-ish of my life.