Friday, December 25, 2015

Total Fitness App

Visit the App store (I suppose Apple has it too) and
check out Total Fitness

A week or two ago I came across an app called "Total Fitness". I was looking for some variation in my strength training routine (you know, the days I'm not doing cardio). 

The free version of this app provides an array of fairly basic workouts geared to various situations (e.g. two, three or four days per week, at home vs. at the gym). It also gives basic dietary suggestions, simple demonstrations of the various lifts. 

I've been doing a two day per week workout and just started one of their ab routines to supplement my cardio days with. I'm liking it well enough that I went ahead and coughed up the $3.99 for the complete app that opened up all the workouts. This includes innocuous ones named after famous people both real and fictional (e.g. from Brad Pitt to Wolverine), provides some fitness challenges, has a custom workout builder and is ad-free. 

I'm just getting my feet wet in this app, but compared to others I've tried this one may be better suited to me. My son has expressed interest in weightlifting (he's 10 so maybe that's another topic for another time), this app is fundamental enough that it may be an excellent introduction for him.

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